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MHR January 2012 edition is out!

Januarry 2012 "Cover" of the Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

I just got news, that January (2012) edition of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine is out.

There are many topics dedicated or related to H0 scale - read mode to see the list - or get straight to download page.

News: December issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine is out

December issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

You can read the magazine on-line or download it for off-line use from model-railroad-hobbyist.com.

Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine is a free e-zine, with really cool community around it.

In the issue you will find, among others:

List of 50 Manufactures of H0 scale items world-wide.

Diesel locomotive

In this post you will find a list of 50 Manufactures - in alphabetical order - that offer various items needed to build a layout or diorama, all with short description of what they provide and direct link to their website.

I hope, that they will inspire you and help you get the item you are looking for!

Welcome to H0 Train Depot!

Small locomotive and coal coaches on H0 scale layout (by Rich Bowen)

I decided that the first entry on the blog will contain some information about the site - as such - and its author: why I created it, who it my target audience, and what you can (well, soon) find on it.

My name is Bartłomiej and since childhood I was an big fan of scale models - airplanes, ships - but especially trains. Now, when I have my own children - Tom and Christopher - I try to share with them all my passions - including model trains.

Unfortunately, guys suffer from various autism symptoms - Asperger Syndrome and Childhood autism - that's why I do not have enough time and funds for the purchase of stock and tracks.
But I will not surrender easily - if I can not build a layout and enjoy the view of small trains, I will at least try to help others, and have - me and "my guys" - great fun in the process.

Who knows, maybe when the kids get older - and therapy gives desired results, We find a sponsor and build together a beautiful layout?


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